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TNPSC Group 4 Syllabus, Model Question Papers, Hall Ticket Download 2013

TNPSC Group 4 Model question paper 2013-Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Group IV recruitment including a written and also oral interview. The candidate who are applying for the post through online mode will have to be prepared for the examination which is going to be held. Their is a sample model question paper for the job seekers who are going to appear for the examination read the following instructions carefully before you to examination hall. For more Details like Syllabus, last year model question papers visit jobs for 10th/12th


TNSPC Model Question paper download: Here 

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TNPSC Model Question Paper 2013-

  1. The question booklet contains 200 questions
  2. Answer all the question. All questions carry equal marks.
  3. You must write your registration number in the space provided on the top right side of page. Do not write anything on the questions booklet.
  4. An answer sheet will be supplied to you separately by the invigilator to mark the answer. You must write your name. Register number., Question booklet Sl. No. and other particulars on side 1 of the answer sheet provided, failing which your answer sheet will not be evaluated.
  5. You will also encode you registration number, Subject code,  Question booklet No. etc., with blue or black ink ball point pen in the space provided on the side 2 of the answer sheet. If you do not encode properly of fail to encode the above information, your answer sheet will not be evaluated.
  6. Each question comprises four responses (A), (B), (C), (D). you are to select only one correct response and mark in your answer sheet. Government job after 12th
  7. You should not remove or tear off any sheet from the question booklet. You are not allowed to take the question booklet and the answer sheet out of the examination hall during the examination.After the examination is concluded, you must hand over your answer sheet to the invigilator. Your allowed to take the question booklet with you only after the examination is over.
  8. The sheet before the last page can be used for rough work.
  9. For question Nos. 1 to 100 in all matters and in cases of doubt, the English version is final.
  10. Do not tick-mark or mark the answers in the question booklet.

The written exam includes three subject as given below:
  • General knowledge 
  • General Tamil
  • General English

TNPSC Model Paper:

1.The chairman of the Finance Commission is appointed by 
a)  the president
b) the prime minister 
c) the speaker of the lok sabha
d) the finance minister 

2.Arrange thefollowing prime minister in chronological order:
I. Charan singh
II. V.P.singh
III. Lal Bahadur Shastri 
IV. Chandrasekhar


3.Which one of the following is not a qualification required to be the vice-president of India?
a) He must be a citizen of India
b) He must be able to speak, read and write in Hindi 
c) He must have completed 35 years of age
d) He must be eligible for election as a member of the Rajya Sabha

4. Which one of the following is not a function of Reserve Bank of India?
a) Issue of currency notes of various denominations
b) It is the banker to the Government
c) It is banker's bank
d) Issues credit to individuals 

5. which one of the following hormones is called personality hormone?
a) Growth hormone
b) Oxytocin
c) Vasopressin
d) Thyroxin

TNPSC Model Question paper: Download Here

To Apply for Tnpsc group 4 exam: Click Here

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